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J. Thomas Showler COL Peter Kilian Goebel
Vice President General Vice President General
Mid-Atlantic District North Atlantic District
9602 Milnor Street 96 Old Mill Pond Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114-3110 Nassau, NY 12123-2633
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The Atlantic Middle States Association of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is composed of seven state societies in two districts.  The Mid-Atlantic District is comprised of the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and District of Columbia Societies.  The North Atlantic District is comprised of the Empire State (New York) and New Jersey Societies.  The operations of the AMSA are overseen jointly by the Vice Presidents General for the Mid-Atlantic District and the North Atlantic District.  The Mid-Atlantic District annually elects a Vice President General, while the North Atlantic District elects a Vice President General for a two-year term.


J. Thomas Showler and Colonel Peter Kilian Goebel were elected as Vice President General for the Mid-Atlantic District and North Atlantic District, respectively, on July 23, 2014 at the 124th SAR Annual Congress, held in Greenville, SC.


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The 2015 Atlantic Middle States Association Annual Conference will be hosted by the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in Bridgewater, New Jersey from August 7-9, 2015.  In addition to the business session, planned activities for the Conference will include a tour of General Washington's Middlebrook Encampment and a presentation on the Pluckemin Continental Artillery Cantonment.  

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